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Can I come watch auditions if I arrive early to pick up my student?


No - the only people allowed into auditions are the students auditioning and the

parents who volunteered to supervise the auditions. If you are able, please sign up as

a parent volunteer to supervise auditions. Without three (3) parents for each time slot,

the students are not allowed to go out in the hallways to practice, and they must sit

quietly in the cafeteria and do homework or some other quiet work. We need your


Can I bring food to my student during auditions?

Yes - please bring food to the back door entrance of the cafeteria and give to a parent

volunteer. They will find your student and deliver the food.


How do I know when I am needed at rehearsal?


Students must be signed up on myMCPS Classroom for the Hoover Theatre class. Parents/Guardians who are registered on parentVue will automatically be added as observers. Rehearsal calendars are posted on this site and updated every 2 weeks.

How will I know when to pick up my student?


Dismissal times are indicated on the rehearsal calendar. Assume your student will be needed for the entire rehearsal time set forth in the schedule. If your student is dismissed earlier than expected, you may coordinate with your student for an earlier pick up.

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